UPS Driver Logs 7 Million Miles Without a Single Motor Vehicle Accident.

71 year-old Ralph Lendi was recently celebrated by the United Parcel Service for reaching a remarkable milestone. The veteran tractor-trailer truck driver for UPS has driven 7,000,000 miles without a single truck accident of any kind.

Lendi has driven tractor trailer trucks for UPS for over 40 years. While Lendi has averaged approximately 479 miles of every day of every year, he has remarkably not been in a single motor vehicle accident or received a single ticket. Lendi’s record within the company has caused UPS to promote and recognize his achievement.

In responding to a journalist’s question about the secret to his remarkable driving record, Lendi stated: “if I had to give one piece of advice to anybody, space. Leave yourself room around everybody else.” In addition to leaving enough space, Lendi recommended candy. Lendi always has a big bag of candy, and literally gives it to anyone who wants some.

Lendi has been described by UPS management as “sharp as a tack” and a role model for drivers based out of Chicago, Illinois. Lendi’s current truck route is between Chicago and Indiana.

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